Visit of the evaluation committee of COPEDIM at UCN, Antofagasta.

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Stéphanie Brichau co-director of COPEDIM

Stéphanie Brichau succeeds Sébastien Carretier as co-director of COPEDIM for 2022, led by Rodrigo Riquelme from the UCN. She is a IRD researcher from the GET laboratory in Toulouse. She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Chile for the past 2 years. Stéphanie Brichau has just obtained funding for a Fondecyt project […]



Visit of Rennes and Dublin researchers to GET

In the frame of COPEDIM, Marc Poujol, Nathan Cogné (Geosciences Rennes) and David Chew (Trinity College Dublin U) spent 3 days in GET in July, Toulouse, for discussions around the results obtained by  Steven Kahou on copper-bearing minerals dating (PhD dir. S. Brichau, S. Duchene, E. Campos)  in GET, Rennes and Dublin, and around methodological developments. These discussions included […]



Alberto Fernández Mort awarded Univ. Complutense

Alberto Fernández Mort, phD student of the UCN, in co-supervision with the University of Complutense, Madrid, was awarded the first price of research for his paper entitled “Fernández-Mort, R. Riquelme, A. M. Alonso-Zarza, E. Campos, T. Bissig, C. Mpodozis, S. Carretier, C. Herrera, M. Tapia, H. Pizarro, and S. Muñoz (2018). A genetic model based on […]