Projects linked to COPEDIM

 Atacama Gravels

Fondecyt 1121049. Paleo-environmental/-climatic conditions controlling the formation of exotic Cu-deposits: a novel multi-proxy approach considering authigenic/pedogenic properties of hosting gravels. (2013-2016)

Dir. R. Riquelme (UCN) with M. Tapia. (UCN), C. Sanchez. (UCN), E. Campos (UCN), T. Bissig (UBC).

Atacama Lodin

Fondecyt 100014 “Origin and age of iodine in supergene zones of copper deposits and in the nitrate ore fields of the Atacama Desert, Chile”. (Dir. M. Reich, Université du Chili). (2011-2013)

Burried Copper Deposits

Discovery Tools for Buried Copper Deposits in the Atacama Desert

This is an ongoing  project leaded by T. Bissig at MDRU, Univ. of British Columbia.

See details here :

Marine terraces

Project funded by CNRS-INSU in order to study the formation of marine terraces in Chile and southern Peru, and their relationship

with the inland pedimentation process.

Dir. J. Martinod (GET) with  V. Regard (GET), M. Saillard (GET), G. Hérail (GET), R. Riquelme (UCN), G. Aguilar (UChile), M.P Rodriguez (UChile), S. Carretier (GET), S. Baratchart (GET). (2013-2015)


Fondecyt 11121529. “Quantifying long-term denudation with low-temperature thermochronology: Tectonic activity and landscape evolution of the Chilean Andes (27-32ºS).”. – (Dir. G. Aguilar, Université du Chili). (2013-2014)

Other projects

These projects are small innovative projects founded within COPEDIM in order to help new ideas, new collaborations and bigger projects to emerge.

Here is a list of these projects with some preliminary results (spanish):